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Marley the Great (Pyrenees)

Marley the Great (Pyrenees)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Camping with Father

My father turns 80 on July 1st.

I believe this is the 4th summer he has parked the R.V. at the Naval Campground on Perdido Bay. It is a beautiful and serene place. The sun goes down right over the bay.
I like to sit on the wooden porch swing and push myself into the relaxing back and forth motion that so easily reminds me of my childhood. I still have the occasional dream of being at home with both of my parents. It is always a sweet dream; I feel safe and loved and content.
I know my father will not live forever. I know life is always changing, and we must also change and hopefully grow and acquire some wisdom along the way. My sister and brother and I cherish these days with our father. There is laughter and love when we get together, as well as long periods of silence. I have always worried about those periods of silence... "Should I be more entertaining? Can I help it if I am "the quiet type" just like my father?" Now, I just try to relax in the quiet and enjoy the time we have together. This quiet place is perfect for doing just that.

1 comment:

Pamela Nichols said...

Your parents must feel honored to be the stars of your blog! They are obviously made of good stuff, and that explains you!