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Marley the Great (Pyrenees)

Marley the Great (Pyrenees)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Hats 1963

It was Easter, 1963. Leah was 4 years old. I was six. Mom had already picked out and ironed our smocked Easter dresses but had not yet purchased hats for us to wear. It was down to the wire and my father was recruited to take us shopping for Easter hats. Therein was the mistake that would lay the groundwork for "The Story of the Easter in Which Father Took the Girls Shopping for Easter Hats" (and the photo that proved it).

As evident in the photo, my younger sister did quite well in choosing a tasteful Easter Bonnet to complete her ensemble. I, on the other hand, chose a hat that was sanctioned by my father to go down in the family history book as the hat that cracked us all up for years and years to come.