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Marley the Great (Pyrenees)

Marley the Great (Pyrenees)

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Reconnection and Joy

After several years of trying to track down a dear friend from high school,
I found her.
She was such fun when we were kids,
Always laughing, picking at me and teasing -
She taught me how to ride a horse on her parents' farm.
"Here. Put your left foot here..swing yourself over and into the saddle.
Now. Hold on, and your horse will follow mine..."
I fell off a couple of times, but what fun!
What sheer freedom and joy!
She had a trampoline and we would jump on that thing until the ground felt like another planet under our feet.
Such a sweet friendship; such wonderful memories...

I found her a couple of months ago.
She is living in Mississippi, a short drive away.
Life has been hard for her...
Lost her home in Katrina -
Recently completed the all-draining effects of chemo and radiation for breast cancer -

I made the trip over right before Christmas.
We have both aged and matured (a little bit)!
I still see the child in her.
She still teases me.
She is still a delight to be around.
Like old times ... but so much sweeter.

1 comment:

Charley said...

I was so happy to find your site here in Blogger. And then I read this post and it brought tears to my eyes. Cannot honestly say if they are tears of joy for you having reconnected or tears of sadness for how long you have been so close but apart.

I just know there are really no accidents and soul travelers reappear when we need them. I know I live next door to one of my own